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War Worlds by atomskmaster6
War Worlds
“Why can’t we have a Halloween without a major disaster?” Bardak thought to himself while on his patrols. Everything was going within normal circumstances, until he received word about Agent Red disappearing a few weeks ago. To make things worse, his ship detected 3 unidentified signals enter Earth’s atmosphere then disappear without a trace around the same time Red disappeared. He hoped these two events were unrelated, but in Angel Falls, strange events have a way of linking together. Though as fortune would have it, he received a priority distress call and was relived it came from Agent Red.

“Agent Red, this is General Bardak! What is your status?” Bardak said though his communicator within his helmet.

“Gen-Gen...Ahhh…Bardak. Meet me at Ronda Air 10 ton-ahhhhh…tonight…come alone” Red said in agony then disconnected.
Bardak immediately tried to re-establish communications but to no avail. He knew Red was strong and very capable, but if she had trouble merely speaking, something was definitely wrong. Ten o clock approached and Bardak arrived at Ronda air field. The entire filed was abandoned long ago and there was nothing but debris and grass everywhere. It was the perfect place for a battle, away from innocent civilians; however, it was the perfect place for a trap.

While scanning the area, Bardak detected an unusual bio signature rapidly approaching his position. He then armed himself with both swords and waited for his mysterious attacker. Once the unknown assailant got within range, the unknown assailant lunged at the armored General, but Bardak immediately spun around to dodge the attack and positioned his swords at the attacker’s neck. To his shock, it was Agent Red gasping for breath while licking her fangs.

“Agent Red, what happened?” Bardak said with much surprise in his voice.

“B-Bardak…there isn’t much time…You must stop me…I’m losing control…You…ahhhh” Red said before her eyes revert back to a soulless green and resumed her attack.

Without wasting a moment, Red disarmed Bardak then punched him so hard; Bardak flew a few meters away, but landed on his feet. As Red began to charge, Bardak waited for Red to get within range. Once Red got close, Bardak windmill kicked Red’s legs, but she instantly jumped over his attack. Within mid-air, Bardak grabbed Agent Red’s right leg and tossed her from side to side. He kept his assaults going until Red pivoted her body and kicked Bardak in the helmet. While Bardak quickly recovered after his helmet was removed, Red quickly stood up and got into a defensive stance. Bardak immediately mimicked her actions and looked at her with determination.

“Red…You have got to fight this…Whatever has hold on you hasn’t taken over you yet.” Bardak said while remaining in his defensive stance.

Agent Red simply growled and hissed at the General’s words and stated to circle him as if he was simply prey.

“Red…this isn’t you…you fought through hordes of monsters and demons…I doubt this monster will defeat you easily.” Bardak said was he lowered his guard. Agent Red was confused by the General’s actions as he extended his arms to his side.

“If you truly wanted to hurt me, you would have done it long ago. I know your still fighting this…and I know you will win” Bardak said as he simply stood there with confidence.

Red slowly returned to her normal self and was about to speak, but suddenly her head was ringing with pain; as if an explosion took placed with her mind. As Red struggled with the pain, Bardak was shocked when 3 alien ships decloaking behind them. As 3 aliens exited their ship and head towards the duo, Bardak immediately placed his helmet back on and got out his BTR. He then used the controls to summon his ship, the U.R.S.S. Helios toward his position. Within moments, his ship was hovering over both of them. The aliens’ ship held position but the 3 aliens still approached them. Before they got to close, Bardak scanned the ship and the alien’s then was surprised at the result. Thankful for his universal translator, he was able to communicate with the aliens.

“My scans show whatever is in my ally Red has similar DNA structures to your species” Bardak said with a stern voice. The aliens were shocked to hear him talk. They didn’t realize humans had advanced so from their last visit.

“Yes. We apologize for the state of your friend. We are-” the aliens said before Bardak cut them off

“Tionains…” Bardak intervened

“Y-You have heard of us?” the lead aliens replied

“Your race is considered a myth in my time…We barely found evidence of your existence but not any member of your species…but that is a discussion for another time…Now what have you done with my friend?” Bardak said as he mentioned toward Red, who was still struggling with pain.

“Please understand…we never intended any harm.” The alien said as he removed his helmet from his suit. To Bardak’s surprise, his scans revealed a strong DNA match turn only one species…vampires.

“You know our true name, but you humans have called as vampires. Centuries ago, we visited this world to establish a medical outpost. For you see, there was an outbreak long before we came to this planet. We searched the galaxy, encountered many species, and tried numerous ways to treat this plague as it killed many of our people. However, during our travels, the plague adapted and became even deadlier with each world we visited. A supreme order was given to quarantine all outpost and colonies so they remain where they are to prevent the spread of this disease.”

“Reasonable goal, but your actions would have devastating consequences across so many worlds.” Bardak said as he crossed his arms.

“I understand…though fortune as smiled on us. We discover a vaccine for this plague a few decades ago and our race will survive. We were sent to locate all of our outposts and distribute the vaccine. Though there are no Tionains left on this planet, mainly because a squad of infected Tionains were sent to eliminate the outpost and the near-by town which they resided before the virus killed themselves long ago. We are here because we have made an important discovery. Your friend somehow contracted the original plague that was killing us, but our scans revealed something incredible. She is developing strong antibodies to fight this plague…more accurately, she is becoming immune to this disease. We have been trying to contact her but our presence kept causing her to flee and this virus also cause the host to become highly aggressive…even to cannibalistic if left unchecked.”

While Red was slowly healing from the struggling pain, Bardak helped her up and healed some of her wounds using his BTR. He then looked at the aliens with a relived but cautious look.

“With your help, we can save Red and develop a cure for your people; but we will do it aboard my ship. Your ships will remain on the ground and powered down. Agreed?” Bardak said. The aliens were surprised to hear his ultimatum but looked at each other and nodded.

“Agreed!” all 3 aliens said in unison.

Bardak then transported everyone aboard his ship and began to save lives. A few hours later, Red slowly awoke in Bardak’s medical bay.

“Where am I?...What happened?” Red said with some dizziness in her voice

“Inside my medical bay, aboard my ship! As for what happened” Bardak replied then spent the next hour explaining what happened. After Red processed the information, she quickly checked for claws and fangs and was relived she was back to normal.

"What of the aliens?” Red asked

“They have left Earth’s atmosphere with the cure for their plague…You saved a lot of lives tonight”

"Well...if it wasn’t for you…none of this would have been possible.” Red said as she extended her arms. Bardak quickly embraced her and each of them parted a deep emotional kissed. Red then looked at Bardak with a relived but confused look.

“Why can’t Halloween be without something going terribly wrong?” Red said with a pout

Bardak chuckled at Red’s statement, “As advanced as my technology is…even I  can't get the answer to that question”


This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda:

This is a late entry for the Vampire Alien attack jam....better late than never I guess

Lines and Colors : :iconstone3d:

Agent Red Belongs to :iconpumpmonger:

General Bardak belongs to me :iconatomskmaster6:

Please comment!!!!
Halloween Peril: Hellfire Rescue by atomskmaster6
Halloween Peril: Hellfire Rescue
"I HAVE WAITED CENTURIES FOR THIS CHANCE TO TEAR YOUR FLESH FROM YOU BODY AND FEAST ON YOUR SOUL!” the flame lord Gowdion roared as he started to crush the mighty Red under his foot.

“BECAUSE OF YOU, I WAS BANISHED TO THE DARK DEPTHS OF HELL…EVEN THOUGH MY CAUSE WAS…NOBLE!” Gowdion said as he stared into Red’s struggling yet determined eyes.

“NOBLE?? You sold your soul to a demon to gain untold power…Ahhh... then used that power to wage war against other kingdoms while seizing the…ahhh… throne of your country…a country you sworn to protect. Thousands of…ahhhhh… innocent people died from your actions, and when you miserably…ahhhh… failed to recruit me…you killed more innocent people to get to me.” Red struggled to say as she tried to lift up the massive demons foot.

“AND I WOULD KILL A MILLION MORE, IF IT MEANT MAKING YOU SUFFER.” Gowdion said as he readied his mace. As he tightens his grip on his mace, Red could feel her strength slowly draining away. Her sword attacks had no effect on Gowdion’s legs and she was heavily damaged from her earlier battles to even mount an escape, much less a resistance. She had no allies residing in hell for support, no method to contact the outside world for help, and more of Gowdion’s reinforcements were headed to his location. It would take a miracle for Red to survive, but in hell, it is a very rare phenomenon. Gowdion soon raised his mace into and gave a sinister look to the red-head goddess.


Before Gowdion could attack, an armored man approached him at incredible speed. Suddenly, this armored warrior readied two huge broadswords and jumped at the large demon. Using his right sword, he stopped Gowdion’s assault and heavily damaged his hand. Before Gowdion could react, the armored warrior pivoted his body and using the right sword as leverage, he lunged his left sword into Gowdion’s neck. The pain Gowdion felt was unbearable as blood flowed like a small river out of Gowdion’s neck. While Gowdion screamed in pain, Red was shocked to identify her armored savior.

“GENERAL BARDAK??” Red said with much shock in her voice.

“YOU DARE TO STRIKE ME, FILTHY HU-”Gowdion said before Bardak thrusted his blade deeper into his neck.

"Any empire you create would be an empire of ignorance and despair…Such a deluded dream...ends…NOW!” Bardak roared as he thrusted his sword outwards and severed Gowdion’s head off his body. Before the fire demon’s head hit the ground, Bardak landed in front of the headless demon and with a powerful kick, sent the deceased demon off of Red and flew a few meters away from them.

As Bardak helped Agent Red up, Red picked up Gowdion’s severed head and stared deep at his lifeless eyes. Without even saying a word, Red threw Gowdion’s head even further away from themselves and the rest of Gowdion’s body. While Red took a few moments to catch her breath, she was surprised as well as relived to see Bardak using his particle regenerator in repairing all her wounds from her earlier battles. Normally when she entered hell, she would not have even a moment of time to rest much less heal from battle as she fought her way from the horrors of hell. It was comforting as well as heartwarming at the fact that not only did Red have some time to heal, but she has a powerful ally to aid her in such a dark realm. Bardak’s treatments were soon complete and he placed his regenerator back into his armor.

“Good as new!! When you went missing, I assumed you were dead, but my sources said you were taken here against your will?” Bardak said as he removed his helmet.

"Yes…Gowdion brought me here after learning an arcane spell and I’ve been fighting non-stop ever since I got her. Though G-Gen…Bardak…How did YOU get here?” Red asked with a puzzled look. Bardak simply smirked at Red question and pointed upwards. At first she saw nothing, but her eyes became wider when she saw Bardak’s ship, U.R.S.S. Helios, decloaking and hovering above them.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve traveled to a dark realm. Getting here took some time but getting back shouldn’t be much of a problem” Bardak said with much confidence.

Red was speechless…She was worried she would have to fight all of hell to escape, but for the first time, she has an alternate option to escape. She soon came back to reality when she remembers a terrible fact during her battle with Gowdion about impending doom.

“Bardak, we can’t leave yet… ” Red said with much worry in her voice

“Why not?”

“During my fight with Gowdion, he mentioned how a few of his followers were planning to escape hell and create a stable bridge from hell to our world. They were planning on leading an invasion force and destroy anything in their path. Bardak…We must stop this invasion before it happens.”

"Red…” Bardak said as he looked at the worried paladin. He placed both his hands on both her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes.

“You have no idea how long I have been waiting to test out my ships new weapons and shield systems to their full extent.” Bardak said as he smiled and spoke with a confident tone.

Red instantly had a wide smile across her face, then hugged Bardak so tightly even his armor started to detect some damage. She then gave the General a kiss so great and hot, hell seemed cold in comparison. As soon as Red and Bardak parted lips, Bardak pulled out his BTR and transported both of them onto his ship. As Red was in awe and speechless at how advanced his ship is, Bardak took the helm and looked at the righteous warrior.

"It’s funny…When demons enter our world; they haunt and terrorize innocent and unsuspecting civilians who don’t know how or can’t fight back. I wonder how these demons will handle two well-trained warriors and a heavily armed advanced spaceship… ”


Happy Halloween!!!

This takes place in :iconangel-fallsda:

This story is an entry for :iconpumpmonger: 's Halloween Peril jam

Lines and Colors by :iconstone3d:

Agent Red belongs to :iconpumpmonger:

General Bardak belongs to me :iconatomskmaster6:


God of Vengeance
United States


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