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Guardian for the Holidays by atomskmaster6
Guardian for the Holidays
As the military personal exited the bus, they immediately rushed toward the near-by building. All of the families and loved ones inside the building immediately rushed out the door to eagerly greet the returning troops. As tears of joy and happiness filled the air while the families embraced each other, the troops revisited old past thoughts of never seeing each other again. Having been missing in action in another continent, they nearly lost all hope and their own life. The danger would have engulfed them had it not been for a mysterious warrior in black armor carrying a huge sword.

With the warrior's help and guidance, the many of the missing troops managed to return to base and resumed their duties. Like many others, the armored fighter managed to convince their higher-ups to authorize leave for most of the M.I.A. troops, even personally escort them back to the states.

As they returned to reality, General Bardak smiles at the warm-heated sight. Being trapped in an alternate dimension, Bardak felt a little alone as his loved ones were so close yet so far away. However, his loneliness was dispelled, knowing moments like he is witnessing are always worth the effort. While keeping a smile on his face, Bardak slowly yet quietly made his exit...for a guardians work is never done but always appreciated.


To all the troops out there and to everyone who sees this....Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a Happy New Year!!

This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda:

Lines and Colors by :iconstone3d:

General Bardak belongs to me :iconatomskmaster6:

Comments Encouraged!
Bardak vs Evil Slashers
After luring the slashers away from the Halloween festival, Bardak entered an abandoned refinery and proceeded to the main boiler room. Once in the boiler room, he was shocked when he heard all the doors and windows were sealed and the killers appeared around him. They evilly chuckled as they slowly approached their new victim. However, once Bardak confirmed all the killers were present, he suddenly wore a vindictive smile across his face and slowly raised a devious laugh. All the slashers were confused or chuckled at his amusing defiant laughter until they noticed a strange device in Bardak's hand.

Bardak entered a few commands in his BTR, which brought his U.R.S.S. Helios a few thousand feet over the building. His ship then unleashed a massive negative chroniton beam, which engulfed the entire building. All the killers were a little shocked at first but quickly laughed at the armored General when they learned they were unaffected. Bardak smiled at their ignorance then launched his attack at the nearest killer...Pinhead. Using lightning fast reflexes, Bardak drew his swords, split them in two, and slashed Pinhead in half. To shocked to realized what happened, Pinhead got out his puzzle-box and tried to heal himself. However much to his shock, Pinhead's puzzle and regeneration wasn't working.

"What's wrong? Dark powers not working?" Bardak said with much humor in his voice.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Pinhead screamed

"This entire building is covered in a negative chroniton field...Most of your powers are negated...Meaning the only way out is to die for good or kill me" Bardak said as he lowered his swords

"DIE THEN!!" Leather-face screamed as he charged towards Bardak. Bardak quickly combined his swords into one and blocked Leather-face's chainsaw. Once within range, Bardak quickly disarmed Leather-face then kicked him against a near-by ladder. He then grabbed the chainsaw and threw it with most of his might. Before Leather-face could react, his own chainsaw pierced his body and pierced through parts of the ladder.

While Leather-face was trapped in the ladder, Myers seized this chance to attack the General. He rushed toward the General and grabbed him by the neck. Myers slowly lifted the General over him and was about to crush his bones.

"hehehe...That the best you got?" Bardak chuckled to Myers. He then broke free of Myers grip and landed behind him. Wasting no time, Bardak unleashed a volley of bone breaking punches and finished it off with a powerful kick the sent Myers into the air. Having no leverage to turn, Myers landed on a hand-rail which broke his spine on impact.

Jason and Freddy hid in the shadows as they waited for the right moment to attack. Unknown to them, Bardak could easily detect them with the sensors in his helmet.

"Maybe you all just don't understand..." Bardak said as he stood in the middle of the room. Freddy and Jason instantly attacked the General who left his guard down.

"YOU THINK I'M TRAPPED IN HERE WITH YOU ALL?....NO...YOU'RE ALL TRAPPED IN HERE WITH ME!" Bardak roared as he raised his right sword and stabbed Jason while using his left sword to stab Freddy as they tried to attack him. Bardak smiled as he decided to make sure this will be a long night that the killers will never forget...if they survive.


This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda:

Its about time the iconic Halloween slashers got a taste of their own dark medicine

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Lines and Colors by :iconstone3d:

General Bardak belongs to me :iconatomskmaster6:

Jason, Freddy, Mike Myers, Pinhead, and Leather-face  belong to their respective owners.
Bardak stood on the edge of the roof of a clock shop, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. Everything was quiet until suddenly a few hundred feet away, he notices a tall figure waving at him. He then put on his helmet and zoomed in on the figure. To his surprise, it was the Fantastic Lin waving at him. He then raised his right arm and waved back. She then waved from him to come over to her. He then got on and jumped from rooftop to rooftop until she arrived at Lin's location. He walked towards her and said, "It’s nice to see you again Lin, I'm a bit surprised you saw me from that distance."

Lin smiles back at him and replies, "I have some super vision as well as the rest." She fidgets slightly, "I was wondering, my modeling agency is having a small contest for most of the models in the agency, and we need one more judge. Do you think you would want such a role?"

Bardak nodded, "Hmm... Well I have judged my crew members on their ship performance before and I was on the staff the decided on the uniforms for the enlisted cadets, so sure I'll be a judge in your contest."

"Good, my sisters and I will join you as judges. Shall we head there, then?"

Bardak nodded and replied "Lead the way!"

Lin flies toward the suburbs, with Bardak leaping from building to building or running on the roadway as they head to the Wong Sisters' Modeling Agency. Once they get there, he is greeted by two Asian women who look an awful lot like Lin... Lin first gestures toward the taller woman, with a sleeker but muscular build. "This is my middle sister Min." She then gestures toward the shorter, stockier woman with almost a mix of a power lifter and bodybuilder’s body rolled into one and poured into someone with large natural breasts to boot. "And this is my youngest sister Kim."

Bardak bowed at them and extended his right hand, "Min, Kim... Its very nice to meet you two. I'm General Alvaro Bardak."

They each giggle as they put their hand in his for him to kiss them. Afterwards, they each give him a hug, picking him off of the ground each time.

Lin then speaks up, "The contest is inside in our cafeteria, follow us, please?" All three sisters start heading inside, their hips all swaying at the same pace, regardless of the almost foot in height difference between Min and Kim.

Bardak follows them to the cafeteria. When they arrive, Bardak looks around and says "Interesting...Where are the judges supposed to sit?"

Lin leads them to a table in front of a small stage area. "Here we go; we'll probably be starting soon." Lin replied as Kim grabbed the microphone, "All right, will all of those that are participating in the contest head up to the stage please? We will be starting shortly!"

Soon the stage was filled with beautiful women of every race and color. While the models start to file into a single line out on the stage, Bardak notices something unique about them. Outside of one on the end, who's face he recognizes as Lola's, the models here are in various degrees muscular, from fitness to bodybuilders, including a couple that could probably give the men a run for their money, if not beat them outright...

Bardak also notices most of the models are slightly flirting with him, in hopes that he will instantly chose one of them; while the others give him very serious facial expressions, as if they would hurt him if he didn't chose one of them. He simply ignored their flirts and expressions and wrote down his judgment for each of the models.
Lin notices the glares from some of the models and gives them one back, meaning that any attempt to beat up or intimidate Bardak or another judge would be met with reprisals from her...

The models return behind the stage and Bardak looks at Lin and said, "Looks like the competition is fierce, let’s start the first round."

Lin nods her head and indicates to her stagehands that they are ready for the first round, the strength round. They start setting up a special machine that Kim explains to Bardak that she and her husband helped to build. They will pull upwards on the bar as hard as they can, and the nearby machine would be able to determine how much pounds of force that would be.

Bardak is fascinated at the machine they brought out. He prepares his notes awaits their strength demonstration.

Lin motions to Min, who goes up on the stage. She then speaks into a microphone for all to hear, "Our first round will be a strength demonstration by our models. Each of you will pick up this bar and lift it as hard as you can, then the display will show how much force you used. I'll show you how it works." She then puts down the microphone and lifts the bar as hard as she can. The display comes up with 2525lbs of force. Lin cheers, "All right Min, way to give them a standard to shoot for!" Min slightly blushes as she hands the mike over to Kim in the judging box. "In case you're wondering what the max this thing can take before it goes tilt? It can withstand 5 tons of lift before it starts to have issues... which means you're going nowhere near that bar Linnie!" She then sticks out her tongue at Lin who mockingly pouts in response, to many giggles from the models.
Bardak chuckles at their scene. He then stood up and said, "All right, we've had our little fun. Now will the first contestant approach the bar."

The models start with Masumi, who is just over 5' tall and has a body that most would call 'fitness'. She lifts the bar, and the reading came up 450lbs.

Masumi then flexes her muscles and walks off the stage. Bardak and the Wong Sisters take a few moments to write down there notes and judgment about Masumi. Bardak then announces "Next contestant, please!!"

For the next few minutes the girls come out and test themselves with the machine, all the while the Wong Sisters and Bardak judge them after their lift and a small flexing of their muscles. One thing Bardak couldn't help but notice was that the numbers for each successive lift almost always seemed to surpass the previous one.

As the last contestant Helga walked off the stage after reaching 1500lbs on the machine, Bardak and the Wong Sisters finish their judgments. Lin motions to Kim, who gets on stage.
Kim announces, "There will be a short break as we set up the stage for the talent portion of the contest." The stagehands start to move the machine off-stage when Kim stops them. She winks at Bardak and picks up the bar, "Just in case you were curious..." She then lifts the bar herself and the reading is 5000lbs, which was the largest reading of the entire evening! She then flexes her mountainous biceps as she steps off the stage and rejoins her sisters and Bardak in the judges' area.

Many of the contestants are scrambling backstage as they're gathering their outfits and props for whatever their talent round will be. Lola is one of them, putting her dress on and warming up so that she'll be loose for her dance.

As the stage hands clear the stage, the judges return to their seats, but Kim walks up to the stage.

Kim announces, "All right, we're set up for the talent round; show us what you got girls!"

One of the first contestants out is, Lola who performs her Salsa which mesmerizes all who watch her.

Lola smiled and waved as she left the stage. As the contest continued, a wide variety of acts were shown. Some sang (some better than others...), some danced (though none were as good as Lola...), some did variations of a stripper dance, some juggled (the items varied from traditional juggling props to some heavy looking weights...) and some just did random things like jumping rope and such as their talent....

As the last contestant walks off the stage after completing her harp solo, Bardak and the Wong Sisters finish their judgments. Lin then grabs the microphone and gets up on stage.
"Our next segment will be the swimsuit segment, so girls, find your favorite bikinis and get ready!"

Bardak turned to Kim and Min, who are giggling at Bardak. Bardak looked down and smiles as he expected more flirting from the models. Lin rejoined the judges and looks at her sisters.

Lin tilted her head in puzzlement as she saw her sisters giggling and Bardak with a slight smile on his face. "All right you three, what did I miss?"

Bardak looked at Lin and calmly said, "There thinking since the swimsuit contest is next and me being one of the judges..."

Lin arched her eyebrow and then said, "Go on..."

Kim and Min stood up, walked over to Lin and they both whispered something in her ear.
Lin blushed crimson but then she had a smirk on her face and said, "but it would be so appropriate..." her eyes twinkled with a mischievous look in them.
Bardak smiled as he arched his brow, "Okay girls that will be enough."

All three Wong sisters in unison playfully moan, "Aww, you're no fun..." and then stick out their tongues at Bardak before giggling...

He then smiled at the playful response as the Wong Sisters returned to the judges table.
Soon enough, the models started coming you in their bikinis, their bodies ranging from Lola's lovely curves to massive muscular women.

Bardak notices all of the models are openly flirting with him. As before he ignores there flirts and resumes his judgment for each model. Meanwhile, Lin rolls her eyes watching them shamelessly flirting with Bardak.

As each model pose while showing off the bikinis, one by one each walks toward the judges and flirt and tease toward Bardak. Amused by their flirts, he still ignores them and continues judging them. He then looks at the Wong Sisters; who are trying their best to judge the contest impartially, but the temptation to adjust the models' scores down due to their flirting is becoming harder to ignore with each pass being made at Bardak.

As the last model leaves the stage, Lin stands up and announces... "We will take a break as we tabulate our score sheets, and then we'll announce the winners."
Bardak and the Wong Sisters gather there notes and walk into another room. Once inside the other room, Lin hands the score sheets over to Vince and a couple of his accountant friends to tally the scores and to certify the results. Meanwhile both Min and Kim tease Bardak mercilessly about all of the flirting that the models heaped on him during the event.

While Vince and his accountants tally the results, Bardak looks at Min and Kim, "Okay that will be enough girls. The models made their predictable flirts at me, but now its over." Bardak walks over near Vince and grabs a small box and brings it over to Min and Kim.

He opens the box and inside is a gold tiara, which will be presented to the winner. The girls gush over it for a couple of minutes until they see Vince hands some cards to Lin. She then heads over to the others and says, "We're ready to announce the winner, let's head back out to the stage and call out the girls..."

Bardak closes the box, much to Kim's and Min disappointment, as they all walk to the judges table.

Lin announces on the microphone, "Could all of our models please report to the stage for the results?"

All the models pour into the stage, all wearing different bright colored clothing. The Wong Sister and Bardak, while holding the tiara box, walk into the stage. Lin then readies the microphone and reads the list to announce the winners.

"In 5th place... Tanya!"
Tanya steps forward, and walks across the models toward the judges. Bardak and the Wong Sisters take turns shaking hands and congratulating her. She then walks over to Lin and stands near her.

"In 4th place... Maria!"
"In 3rd place... Lita!"
"In 2nd place... Helga"
Helga's eyes widened in shock, but she begrudgingly shook everyone's hands.

Lin then finished, "And the winner is... LOLA!"

Lola jumped up and down and was starting to bounce her way towards Lin to accept her crown until... "WHAT?!? How in the fucking world did she win? She was by far the worst in the Strength category, while I was one of the best!?!" Helga screamed

Lin calmly stood between Helga and Lola, "True, but Lola won the Talent portion by almost as wide a margin, while your talent was near the bottom of the pile. She did better than you in both the talent and Swimsuit portions of the competition..." However, by that time, Helga was beyond reason and started to charge toward Lola... Intending to pound her into putty with a right fist with murderous strength until... *THUD, CRACK* ran into the titanium hard abs of Fantastic Lin... The blow having broken or bruised most of her hand, it seemed to shock Helga back into reality.

Everyone else stood out of the way as Lin calmly walked toward Helga, then said. "Grab your 2nd place prize and leave the building now, before you make matters worse. Right now, you're suspended 30 days without pay, and your website page will be taken down during your suspension. If, after those 30 days, you show me a more positive attitude, I MIGHT let you return to work here... Now, GO!" Helga slinked off into the night, with both Min and Kim not far behind her to make sure she left peacefully.

After clearing her throat Lin then re-spoke, "How about congratulating our winner, Lola!
Fearing to upset Lin and her sisters, everyone cheerfully applauded Lola’s success. While everyone is applauding, Bardak walked near Lin with the tiara box in hand. Upon reaching Lin, he opened the box and Lola cried tears of joy at the sight of her prize. As Lola wiped away her tears of joy, Lin gracefully picked the tiara out of the box and slowly placed it on Lola’s head. Although this was a small contest, Lola felt like a real princess when Lin placed the tiara upon her head.  As the constants gather to congratulate Lola, the judged gathered to discuss the contest.

“Well, this has been an interesting contest” Bardak remarked

“You mean like the bikini part of the contest” Kim teased as Min giggled. Lin rolled her eyes hoping everyone, even her sisters, could stop flirting at Bardak.

“Thank you for helping to judge our contest Bardak” Lin spoke up

“You’re Welcome Lin….” Bardak said until he received a message from his BTR. As he read the message, he turned towards the Wong Sisters

“Duty Calls…It’s been a pleasure meeting you all…Until we meet again… ” Bardak said as he quickly shook all of their hands and proceeded to jump from rooftop to rooftop away from the agency.

“Bye General” Lin waved as the general left

“Are you okay Linnie?” Kim asked

“Why do you ask Kim?” Lin said with a confused facial expression

“You forgot to give Bardak a goodbye kiss…” Kim and Min giggled as they ran for their life

“OH YOU TWO ARE IN TROUBLE NOW!” Lin playfully said as she chased after her mischievous sisters.
A Fantastic Contest
This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda:

Long ago, :iconvince3: and I were working on a collaboration story of Bardak meeting the Wong Sisters. We managed to complete most of the story and when I was waiting on the ending from Vince, it was then I heard about his very unfortunate demise. For the longest time, I was uninspired and couldn't bring myself to finish the story. However, time heals all (or at least most) wounds and I found my inspiration and motivation to complete this story. I only hope the ending meets with Vince's standards.

Happy Birthday Vince!! Wherever you are, I hope you are well!

Lines and Colors by :iconhqadd:

Lin's (former herald) :iconvince3:

Fantastic Lin's and Wong Sister's owner :iconwilliammgs:

Lola belongs to :iconboxeater5: (formerly sharkdude5590)

General Bardak belongs to me :iconatomskmaster6:
An Evening of Generals by atomskmaster6
An Evening of Generals
During the afternoon, General Bardak visited Arlington cemetery to honor the fallen heroes who defended America from all forms of danger. During his time there, he met two retired Generals who were paying their respects to fallen friends and family members. After a few brief introductions to Bardak, both generals invited Bardak to a nearby building for drinks and stories. Alvaro gracefully accepted their invitation and followed them to their drinking spot. After they arrived; all 3 generals spent hours drinking and revisiting old war stories. As they talked, Bardak was finishing its story of his unit on Vilon 3 and how strange the meals were.

“…and so Tom goes “What’s so mysterious about this meat? We know its Viorpion Swamp beast meat.” And Siegiel goes “Yeah, but it’s the flavoring that’s the real mystery”…Tom then says “Well what’s the flavoring agent”…then I say “Trust me Tom…you don’t want to know”” Bardak said with a smirk then laughing as the other general laughed hysterically with him.

 “Oh…Bardak…I don’t know what’s weirder…The sound of Vio-Vi-whatever that meat was or the fact that mystery meat managed to survive in the future. To be honest, I always thought the Jetsons was the closest we would ever get to a future like that.” Said Former General Harold Rinfield

“Well Gener-”

“Please…Call me Harold”

“And you may call me Jack, Bardak” said Former General Jack Cooper

“Very Well! Well Harold…such a future could have been possible on its own but due to the Teraisians…”

“Teraisians?” General Harold and Jack said in confusion

Bardak then took a few minutes to explain more of who he is, the war the Republic fought, the battle between an inter-dimensional alien, and how he came to be here.           

“MY GOD!!... I cannot fathom the amount of pain you must be going through.” Harold commented as he took another sip of whiskey

“It’s like the opposite of Captain America. How did you ever adapt to everything being so archaic and outdated? ” Jack commented as he smoked his cigar

Bardak smirked as he took another sip of whiskey, “Well luckily I had help adjusting to this world, though I haven’t seen her in a long time…but that is a tale for another time. Fortunately, my work as leader of the Guardians and protecting this city have been keeping me busy and although this is not the Republic…its Earth nonetheless and I will protect it. Just as the two of your once protected your homes from danger”

Both General chuckled at Bardak’s statement as they sip their drinks and smoke their cigars. General Harold leaned forward and let a brief sigh

“That was a long time ago…I can still remember how long I was when my unit and I made it to Berlin so we could finish that bastard Hitler. Although in those days, I always thought sometime within the next 20 minutes, I would be killed by whatever reason. I never expected I would see my next birthday, much less my next 50 birthdays.”

“Or spending most of your time killing enemies while protecting innocent women and children…then you blink…and suddenly the killing is over and you have a family of your own” Jack intervened

Bardak slightly smiled at their comments then finished his drink, “This may sound strange, especially coming from me, but the future is uncertain. I understand what it’s like when the fighting suddenly stops. Although like the mystical hydra, one fighting stops yet two more fights take its place.”

“I just cannot fathom who hard it must be for you Bardak. In this time, we just have to worry about the struggles and conflicts of different countries. Yet someone like you has to deal with the conflicts of entire planets even entire systems. No way in hell I could manage that…” Jack said as he finished his drink.

“Just as we were all once privates, we learn though experience” Bardak commented as he grabbed a few glasses nearby and a bottle from a small compartment in his armor.

“Hmm…Experience…That’s the one thing I always thought the new generation was missing. Back in the old days; war was fought using guns, heavy artillery, and your own fists. Nowadays, war is fought by computer nerds on computers at their own base.  Though as fate is a funny sense of humor, it turns out both generations were both right and wrong. ” Harold said while recalling Bardak’s tale of the Teraisians war.

“War is hell and unchanging…the only things that change are the death counts and the method of fighting” Bardak replied

Jack stared outside while listening to Bardak’s reply. The other Generals then turned their attention to the view of Arlington cemetery nearby.

“All those graves out there…they gave their lives to protect our homes and freedom …and yet every time I look at that sight…all I see is how many men and women I ordered to their deaths to see that the imminent danger is stopped.

All 3 Generals were silent as they recalled all the hard decisions that had to make over the years. Bardak soon broke the silence when he opened the bottle of Alvenian Blood wine.

“Jack…Harold…Both of you are not the only ones to make decisions that costed lives to accomplish…I’m one of them….We are not the first and we will certainly not be the last. Those men and women outside died with honor and courage. They knew the risks when they performed their duty and would risk their lives again if it meant their loved ones and homes would be safe from destruction. All we can do is remember and honor their sacrifice so they could give all those they protect not just freedom…but a bright future. ” Bardak said as he poured the wine into the 3 glasses and handed each general a glass

“Are all the generals like you in the future?” Harold asked as he took a glass

“Hmm…Well enough…” Bardak said with a smirk

“If most of the generals are like you Bardak, then that’s a future I would love to see” Jack said

“Gentleman…I would like to propose a toast…To fallen friends…and to new friends” Bardak said as he raised his glass

“To all the unsung heroes of the past… ” Harold said

“…and to all the new heroes of the future.” Jack added.

“Cheers” all 3 generals said in unison as they clinked their glasses and took a sip of what the future had to offer.

This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda:

Happy Memorial Day!!

Lines and Color by :iconrosepab:

General Bardak belongs to me :iconatomskmaster6:
Jaden Milton felt his bad day would finally have a silver lining. After being rejected by his girlfriend earlier this morning on Valentine’s Day, Jaden wanted to perk himself up by having a late breakfast at the restaurant were he wanted to take his girlfriend. Much to his surprise, behind a wooden-fenced wall, he overheard a conversation between 3 of the most beautiful and possibly dangerous woman he had ever seen.

“Oh please Frenchie…The only reasons guys are interested in you is you flaunt your barely covered funbags and your bubble butt every 5 seconds” said the Crimson Conservative

“Au contraire, mon grand ami feminine…I can get a man far more easily and gracefully than you…The only way you can get a man is to grab him with you huge muscles” Tara replied

“Oh yeah…” Connie said as she tighten her fist

“She has a point Connie…You’re not as gracefully or as gently when it comes to finding a man…much less keeping one.” Said Demonica

“However, Mon ami démoniaque, unlike you…I don’t to deceive the man in order to win him over.” Tara said as she sipped her wine

“Oh…You think so? Care to make a wager on that?” Demonica said as placed her hands together

“Sounds Interesting, mon ami” Tara said as she leaned closer

“I’m in…Aint no way I’ll lose to some Frenchie slut and some Demon go-go girl. What’s the bet?” Connie said as she cracked her knuckles. After Demonica took a minute to ponder out every situation, she leaned forward and revealed the details.

“We’ll let it be a surprise. The next man to enter this restaurant through those front doors will be our target. The deadline is by midnight tonight. We are free to use our skills, abilities, and resources. However under no circumstances neither of us can threaten, bride, use powers on, or in any shape or form force the target man to fall for us. The winner will be decided when the target man voluntary announces his love to everyone with one of us. A simple kiss or hug is not enough to decide a winner. The losers will pay for the entire next date for the man and the winner.”

Both Connie and Tara carefully considered the bet in both its rewards and consequences. After taking a few minutes to think it over, both of them leaned toward and said in unison “Deal”. After each of them shook hands with one another, they turned their full attention to the front door to await their mystery target.

Meanwhile, Jaden quietly walked to the restroom after hearing the conversation. Once inside, he quickly opened the window and rushed to get outside. After falling a few feet, he landed on his feet then hurried toward the front of the building. He knocked over 4 people as he rushed towards the entrance. Fate seems to smile on him as he arrived at the front door and no one was in sight. However, fate makes fools of us all as a nearby explosion erupted followed by a volley of gunshots filled the air. Before he got to the front door, a large metal object flew towards the entrance and crashed through the doors. Before hitting the wall, the large metal object extended his arms and legs and slowly regained his posture. He then got out his blaster and fired multiple energy blast at the explosion area. As the metal warrior left and the gunfire started to be suppressed, all 3 girls were dumbstruck as they identified their mystery target.


“Ah Hell…” Connie said

“Oh Merde…” Tara said

All 3 girls knew General Bardak is one of the most dedicated, cunning, and disciplined heroes there is. They knew most of their usual tactics are useless against him and even with using force on him, he would prove to be a devious opponent. Even so, soon the girls wore a vindictive grin across their face; knowing if they could somehow pulls this off…it would prove beyond a doubt they could truly have any man they want.
Love Triangle Mayhem Part 1
This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda:

Who will be the winner? Place your bets?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Crimson Conservative (used with permission) belongs to :iconjamese82:

Demonica (used with permission) belongs to :iconmrinternetman:

Tara "Nekro" DeLioncourt (used with permission) belongs to :iconrandomredux::

General Bardak belongs to me :iconatomskmaster6:

Comments Encouraged and Stay Tuned!!


God of Vengeance
United States


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