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An Evening of Generals by atomskmaster6
An Evening of Generals
During the afternoon, General Bardak visited Arlington cemetery to honor the fallen heroes who defended America from all forms of danger. During his time there, he met two retired Generals who were paying their respects to fallen friends and family members. After a few brief introductions to Bardak, both generals invited Bardak to a nearby building for drinks and stories. Alvaro gracefully accepted their invitation and followed them to their drinking spot. After they arrived; all 3 generals spent hours drinking and revisiting old war stories. As they talked, Bardak was finishing its story of his unit on Vilon 3 and how strange the meals were.

“…and so Tom goes “What’s so mysterious about this meat? We know its Viorpion Swamp beast meat.” And Siegiel goes “Yeah, but it’s the flavoring that’s the real mystery”…Tom then says “Well what’s the flavoring agent”…then I say “Trust me Tom…you don’t want to know”” Bardak said with a smirk then laughing as the other general laughed hysterically with him.

 “Oh…Bardak…I don’t know what’s weirder…The sound of Vio-Vi-whatever that meat was or the fact that mystery meat managed to survive in the future. To be honest, I always thought the Jetsons was the closest we would ever get to a future like that.” Said Former General Harold Rinfield

“Well Gener-”

“Please…Call me Harold”

“And you may call me Jack, Bardak” said Former General Jack Cooper

“Very Well! Well Harold…such a future could have been possible on its own but due to the Teraisians…”

“Teraisians?” General Harold and Jack said in confusion

Bardak then took a few minutes to explain more of who he is, the war the Republic fought, the battle between an inter-dimensional alien, and how he came to be here.           

“MY GOD!!... I cannot fathom the amount of pain you must be going through.” Harold commented as he took another sip of whiskey

“It’s like the opposite of Captain America. How did you ever adapt to everything being so archaic and outdated? ” Jack commented as he smoked his cigar

Bardak smirked as he took another sip of whiskey, “Well luckily I had help adjusting to this world, though I haven’t seen her in a long time…but that is a tale for another time. Fortunately, my work as leader of the Guardians and protecting this city have been keeping me busy and although this is not the Republic…its Earth nonetheless and I will protect it. Just as the two of your once protected your homes from danger”

Both General chuckled at Bardak’s statement as they sip their drinks and smoke their cigars. General Harold leaned forward and let a brief sigh

“That was a long time ago…I can still remember how long I was when my unit and I made it to Berlin so we could finish that bastard Hitler. Although in those days, I always thought sometime within the next 20 minutes, I would be killed by whatever reason. I never expected I would see my next birthday, much less my next 50 birthdays.”

“Or spending most of your time killing enemies while protecting innocent women and children…then you blink…and suddenly the killing is over and you have a family of your own” Jack intervened

Bardak slightly smiled at their comments then finished his drink, “This may sound strange, especially coming from me, but the future is uncertain. I understand what it’s like when the fighting suddenly stops. Although like the mystical hydra, one fighting stops yet two more fights take its place.”

“I just cannot fathom who hard it must be for you Bardak. In this time, we just have to worry about the struggles and conflicts of different countries. Yet someone like you has to deal with the conflicts of entire planets even entire systems. No way in hell I could manage that…” Jack said as he finished his drink.

“Just as we were all once privates, we learn though experience” Bardak commented as he grabbed a few glasses nearby and a bottle from a small compartment in his armor.

“Hmm…Experience…That’s the one thing I always thought the new generation was missing. Back in the old days; war was fought using guns, heavy artillery, and your own fists. Nowadays, war is fought by computer nerds on computers at their own base.  Though as fate is a funny sense of humor, it turns out both generations were both right and wrong. ” Harold said while recalling Bardak’s tale of the Teraisians war.

“War is hell and unchanging…the only things that change are the death counts and the method of fighting” Bardak replied

Jack stared outside while listening to Bardak’s reply. The other Generals then turned their attention to the view of Arlington cemetery nearby.

“All those graves out there…they gave their lives to protect our homes and freedom …and yet every time I look at that sight…all I see is how many men and women I ordered to their deaths to see that the imminent danger is stopped.

All 3 Generals were silent as they recalled all the hard decisions that had to make over the years. Bardak soon broke the silence when he opened the bottle of Alvenian Blood wine.

“Jack…Harold…Both of you are not the only ones to make decisions that costed lives to accomplish…I’m one of them….We are not the first and we will certainly not be the last. Those men and women outside died with honor and courage. They knew the risks when they performed their duty and would risk their lives again if it meant their loved ones and homes would be safe from destruction. All we can do is remember and honor their sacrifice so they could give all those they protect not just freedom…but a bright future. ” Bardak said as he poured the wine into the 3 glasses and handed each general a glass

“Are all the generals like you in the future?” Harold asked as he took a glass

“Hmm…Well enough…” Bardak said with a smirk

“If most of the generals are like you Bardak, then that’s a future I would love to see” Jack said

“Gentleman…I would like to propose a toast…To fallen friends…and to new friends” Bardak said as he raised his glass

“To all the unsung heroes of the past… ” Harold said

“…and to all the new heroes of the future.” Jack added.

“Cheers” all 3 generals said in unison as they clinked their glasses and took a sip of what the future had to offer.

This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda:

Happy Memorial Day!!

Lines and Color by :iconrosepab:

General Bardak belongs to me :iconatomskmaster6:
Jaden Milton felt his bad day would finally have a silver lining. After being rejected by his girlfriend earlier this morning on Valentine’s Day, Jaden wanted to perk himself up by having a late breakfast at the restaurant were he wanted to take his girlfriend. Much to his surprise, behind a wooden-fenced wall, he overheard a conversation between 3 of the most beautiful and possibly dangerous woman he had ever seen.

“Oh please Frenchie…The only reasons guys are interested in you is you flaunt your barely covered funbags and your bubble butt every 5 seconds” said the Crimson Conservative

“Au contraire, mon grand ami feminine…I can get a man far more easily and gracefully than you…The only way you can get a man is to grab him with you huge muscles” Tara replied

“Oh yeah…” Connie said as she tighten her fist

“She has a point Connie…You’re not as gracefully or as gently when it comes to finding a man…much less keeping one.” Said Demonica

“However, Mon ami démoniaque, unlike you…I don’t to deceive the man in order to win him over.” Tara said as she sipped her wine

“Oh…You think so? Care to make a wager on that?” Demonica said as placed her hands together

“Sounds Interesting, mon ami” Tara said as she leaned closer

“I’m in…Aint no way I’ll lose to some Frenchie slut and some Demon go-go girl. What’s the bet?” Connie said as she cracked her knuckles. After Demonica took a minute to ponder out every situation, she leaned forward and revealed the details.

“We’ll let it be a surprise. The next man to enter this restaurant through those front doors will be our target. The deadline is by midnight tonight. We are free to use our skills, abilities, and resources. However under no circumstances neither of us can threaten, bride, use powers on, or in any shape or form force the target man to fall for us. The winner will be decided when the target man voluntary announces his love to everyone with one of us. A simple kiss or hug is not enough to decide a winner. The losers will pay for the entire next date for the man and the winner.”

Both Connie and Tara carefully considered the bet in both its rewards and consequences. After taking a few minutes to think it over, both of them leaned toward and said in unison “Deal”. After each of them shook hands with one another, they turned their full attention to the front door to await their mystery target.

Meanwhile, Jaden quietly walked to the restroom after hearing the conversation. Once inside, he quickly opened the window and rushed to get outside. After falling a few feet, he landed on his feet then hurried toward the front of the building. He knocked over 4 people as he rushed towards the entrance. Fate seems to smile on him as he arrived at the front door and no one was in sight. However, fate makes fools of us all as a nearby explosion erupted followed by a volley of gunshots filled the air. Before he got to the front door, a large metal object flew towards the entrance and crashed through the doors. Before hitting the wall, the large metal object extended his arms and legs and slowly regained his posture. He then got out his blaster and fired multiple energy blast at the explosion area. As the metal warrior left and the gunfire started to be suppressed, all 3 girls were dumbstruck as they identified their mystery target.


“Ah Hell…” Connie said

“Oh Merde…” Tara said

All 3 girls knew General Bardak is one of the most dedicated, cunning, and disciplined heroes there is. They knew most of their usual tactics are useless against him and even with using force on him, he would prove to be a devious opponent. Even so, soon the girls wore a vindictive grin across their face; knowing if they could somehow pulls this off…it would prove beyond a doubt they could truly have any man they want.
Love Triangle Mayhem Part 1
This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda:

Who will be the winner? Place your bets?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Crimson Conservative (used with permission) belongs to :iconjamese82:

Demonica (used with permission) belongs to :iconmrinternetman:

Tara "Nekro" DeLioncourt (used with permission) belongs to :iconrandomredux::

General Bardak belongs to me :iconatomskmaster6:

Comments Encouraged and Stay Tuned!!
An Angel Falls Carol part 4 by atomskmaster6
An Angel Falls Carol part 4

As Scrooge released his bedpost and examined his room, his attention was turned over to his clock. Much to his distress, it was one minute to three. Fear and panic slowly began to overcome his body as he awaited the third spirit. The first two spirits made him reevaluate his past decisions while showing his past and present. Did this mean the final spirit will show him his future? While Scrooge pondered such questions, a cloak of darkness soon filled the air. Scrooge frantically searched all over him, looking for the ominous spirit. What seemed like days, only a few seconds passed as the darkness soon faded and Scrooge appeared back in his own room. He noticed his room was in shambles and there was fire damage, but what shocked him most was a decaying skeleton in his bed. Scrooge slowly approached the skeleton and after examining the skeleton, he came to a revelation. His heart soon sank when he realized that skeleton was himself. There was no indication someone tried to move him to a morgue, even less to bury him. After his shock from his revelation passed, the cloak of darkness returned and he appeared at a destroyed building in the dead of night. Before Scrooge could examine the wreckage, a dark figure soon approached him. Scrooge panic as he saw his final judgment, a large man in dark armor wielding a large sword.

“Are-Are you the spirit that is to show me my future?” Scrooge asked with fear in his voice

The armored spirit simply nodded his head and remained silent.

“Where are we?...Why does this place seem familiar?” Scrooge asked

The male spirit remained silent and walked closer towards him. Scrooge’s body was unresponsive in its desire to flee as the spirit moved closer. Scrooge closed his eyes but soon opened them as the spirit simply walked past him and picked up a piece of the wreckage. Scrooge then dropped his cane and took the wreckage. At first, he didn’t understand why the spirit gave it to him, until he flipped the destroyed piece over and was shocked at what he saw. It was his office’s name sign to the front of his building. Scrooge looked at his surrounding and recognized his own office in pieces.

“Spirit…How did this happen? Who did this?” Scrooge asked with sorrow in his voice

While remaining silent, the armored spirit walked to a nearby wall and readied his sword. He sliced the wall into pieces then sheathed his weapon. Before he pasted the archway, the warrior spirit motioned for Scrooge to follow him. At first, Scrooge was reluctant to follow him; however, the building around him was about to collapse and fall over him. Rather than find out if the environment could hurt him, Scrooge rushed toward the spirit and followed him. As the armored spirit and Scrooge walked down the street, Scrooge was shocked to see most of the buildings had been destroyed and many people were homeless on the street… barely surviving.

As they continued to walk down the street, several times did some of the buildings began to collapse and large pieces rained over the two observers. Scrooges crunched in fear of the large objects; but the results were all the same. During each time, the armored spirit; without stopping, without showing struggle, and without moving his position, easily deflected or sliced the incoming boulders above them with his sword and continue to walk down the street.

“Spirit…How did all this happen? What happened here?” Scrooge asked

The warrior spirit remained silent but quickly grabbed Scrooge and jumped on top of a stable 6 story building. Upon landing, Scrooge caught a glimpse at the total destruction of the area. After Scrooge regained his balance, the spirit then extended his arm outward the pointed to the other side of the building. Scrooge then walked over to the other side of the building, he fell to his knees in grief.

The entire area was no different than a war-zone. As he looked, he saw explosions at multiple sights, buildings were destroyed or on fire, people were rioting in the streets, and droves of homeless people were filling the remaining streets. All these sights made him sick to his stomach, knowing all of this was the result of his misery campaign. All he wanted was for people to feel as much misery as he did but he couldn’t fathom all the chaos and destruction is misery campaign could truly bring. With his death imminent, he had hoped the spirits had a way for him to atone for his mistakes. He then turned toward the future spirit, but Scrooge looked worried at the spirit who looked downward. The warrior spirit placed his left arm on the ledge, looked at Scrooge, and motioned his right hand to look downward. Scrooge quickly rose to his feet and looked downward and was shocked at what he saw.

It was Timmy, now a few years older, caring for his dying mother on the sidewalk. Timmy held his mother closely as she slowly starts to close her eyes.


“Yes…Yes Mom, I’m here”

“Timmy…I want you… to know…I have always been… proud of you.” Timmy’s mother struggles to say.


“I’m sorry, son…I wish I was…stronger for you…I…love…youu!” Timmy’s mother says with her last breath as she slowly closes her eyes, never to open them again.

“Mother…MOM…MMOOMM!!” Timmy cried out as he holds her closely to his chest. “I love you too, Mom” Timmy says with much sorrow in his voice.

Scrooge was speechless at what he saw. There were no amount of words, no amount of money, and no amount of pain he could endured that would atone for his crimes. His imagination soon ran loose as he fearfully contemplated all the lives he destroyed, all the hope he crushed, and how dark he made the future. As large explosions in the distance was approaching there position, Scrooge fell to his knees and grabbed the spirits cape.

“Spirit…This can’t be the future! I never truly meant to all these to happen. Tell me there is a way to stop this! Tell me there is a way to change this… ” Scrooge cried out with tears escaping his eyes. The male spirit remained silent as he looked outwards as the sounds of explosions were drawing closer to their position. The armored spirit then turned his attention toward Scrooge simply pointed at him.

“Me? You mean…I can stop this? Oh please spirit…I will change. I promise…I shall change my ways and never revert to my dark self. I shall fix the errors of my past and I shall devote everything in my power to help and support all those around me… All this I swear on my life…Oh please, Spirit…” Scrooge said before he was interrupted by a gang of hoodlums at approaching the foot of the building. They quickly ended the life of Timmy then set their sights at the base of the building. The gang safely retreated to a have distance and released a volley of explosives at the building. The explosives caused the ground under Scrooge’s feet to collapse. While the spirit quietly entered and disappeared within the fire, Scrooge screamed as the wave of fire engulfed him.

Scrooge rapidly turned to avoid the hell-fire blaze but he interrupted when his hand hit the bedpost. Scrooge quietly awoke within his room, undamaged and within his time period. While Scrooge was examining his surroundings, a young doctor entered the room, under orders to examine Scrooge and eagerly pronounce him dead then leave. To his shock, the doctor saw Scrooge alive and well. Scrooge then looked at the doctor and hoped this wasn’t another trick.

“Are you another spirit?”

“Noo….I’m Dr. Sonata, but you can call me Von.” Von said as he readied his medical equipment. After he used his equipment to scan Scrooge, he was greatly puzzled at the result.

“Mr. Scrooge…You illness…It’s gone!” Von said with much confusion

“Gone…What do you mean gone? I’ve had this illness for more than 40 years”

“Well then your illness up and died from old age. It’s not just that…I’m not detecting any foreign bodies or signs of pain or decayed tissue…You sir…are perfectly healthy…This is one for the medical books.” Von said as he put away his equipment. Scrooge couldn’t believe the doctors words, but he detected some truth in his report. Scrooge slowly got out of bed and didn’t feel any internal pain in his entire body. He then laughed the more he moved around.

“I feel light as a feather…I feel as energetic as a school boy. Wait…Von…What is today?”

“Today?…Duh... Today is Christmas” Von said with a puzzled look

“Christmas Day? Oh god…I haven’t missed it. The spirits did all of this in one night. Well of course, there spirits…they can do whatever they like.” Scrooge said before he was interrupted when one of his assistant entered the room.

“Yes, Tom…what is it?” Scrooge said with much joy in his voice. Tom was greatly surprised to see Scrooge act pleasant, even more surprised to see him so healthy. He then returned to reality when he remembered his assignment.

“Sir…I have many people on the phone line, something about your campaign.”

“Goodness. That’s right…I have so much to do. Wait…” Scrooge said as he remembered his ordeal with the spirits. “Von...if you could…there is a house down the street with a man named Timmy and his mother its residents. Please bring your equipment to scan his mother and bring me a full thorough report and offer any medical assistance you can. Do this and I’ll double your pay for the day…Come back in less than two hours and I’ll add a promotion for you.”

“Oh…Yes sir…Thank you sir” Von said as he readied his equipment.

As Tom and Von exited his room, Scrooge looked outward towards the city.

“Spirits…Thank you for everything. I will keep my promise and make this world better for everyone”.

As Scrooge left his room to repair the damage he done, all the spirits and Marley were on a nearby building overlooking Scrooge. General Bardak smiled to see his plan work out perfectly. He quietly reminisced at how he gathered Scrooge closest friend and people who could reason with him. Bardak then chuckled at how Scrooge thought it was magic, but in reality, he was Bardak transporting him to his ships holo-deck and program all the illusions. Using this method, they could show Scrooge all the needed to be seen or will be seen without disrupting the timeline and no one, even Scrooge, would get hurt. He then turned to Angelina and Robin, who were smiling at the fact that both of them cured Scrooge’s illness and restored him as he is now. Finally, Bardak chuckled as he used his technology to contact all of Scrooges known sources and contacts from his misery campaign. After all the "spirits" and Marley had there laughs, a bright light engulfed all of them and they reappeared at a location of their choosing...for a "spirit" or heroes work is never done.

This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda: and
This is part of the Angel Falls: Celebration

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a happy New Year to all!!

Lines and Colors by :iconstone3d:

Dr. Atomica is owned by

Robin is owned by :iconleviadragon99:

Angelina is owned by :iconlonestranger:

General Bardak is owned by me :iconatomskmaster6:

An Angel Falls Carol part 3 by atomskmaster6
An Angel Falls Carol part 3
After struggling through his bed sheets, Scrooge quickly awakens in a panic. He is shocked as well as relived when he sees he is back in his own room. However, his brief moment of peace soon passed when he noticed his clock. Although it felt like he was gone for days, only one hour had passed in the real world.

“After all that occurred…it’s only been an hour? It felt like…wait…wait a moment. If that truly was a spirit…then…t-there are two more…NO…I won’t let these strange being take over my head in my final moments.” Scrooge said as he exited his bed and went towards his dresser. On top of his dresser was all the medication that sustained him over the years. Scrooge thought one spirit was bad enough but to deal with two more was far too unbearable. He then opened a large bottle filled with tablets that were meant to treat his heart condition. Having said a few minor good-byes Scrooge raised the bottle over his mouth and was about to empty the contents of the bottle into his body.

“Too much medication is very bad for the body” a calm, almost musical voice spoke which froze Scrooge dead in his tracks. While taking a moment to look around for the mysterious voice, Scrooge was shocked when he located the source of the advice. It was a beautiful woman in the form of a perfect angel. She slowly hovered above the old man and gently smiled at him. All train of thought exited Scrooge’s mind and he then released the bottle of medication from hand.

“Are... Are…Are you a…angel? Am I dead?”

“No, I am the 2nd spirit to visit you this night. The previous spirit revealed you your past. I’m here to show you the present.”

“Oh…another spirit. Can’t you summon the last spirit so we can get this over with as soon as possible? So that I can finally die and be rid of this world?” Scrooge said with a stern tone of voice.

“Don’t be too hasty…Things are not at all like they seem. However, rather than tell you, it will be better to show you.” The angelic spirit said as she extended her hand while lowering herself to the ground. At first, Scrooge was hesitant about seeing more strange sights, however the more he looked at this woman, the more accepting he was. There was something strange about this woman; as if she could be trusted with anything without fear of harsh and impulsive judgment.

Scrooge then took the angels hand and they proceeded to the closet door. Before Scrooge said anything, the female spirit opened the closet door. Instead of entered their closet, they exited into the streets of his neighborhood. It was in the afternoon and most of his neighbors were inside while a few neighbors were outside, enjoying the day.

“I know this place…. it’s my neighborhood…What is today?” Scrooge asked

“Today…is Christmas day!!” the angel said as they walked through the neighborhood. Scrooge was shocked to see so much merriment in the streets. He was renowned to having the only best kept house in the area. All other houses were decayed or in dire need of repair. He was amazed to see rather than people living in depression, the people celebrated in hope.

“These people barely make enough to make ends meet yet they act like they haven’t a care in the world.”

“Having hope doesn’t mean having a lot of money, Ebenezer.”

Before Scrooge could respond, he turned his attention down the street. He saw a strong looking gang member, with an unruly haircut, a large metal weapon, and more tattoo art than skin all over his body. From the looks of things, Scrooge assumed he was disassembling the car to steal and pawn all the parts. He then turned toward the angelic spirit with a smirk across his face.

“So if people don’t need money to have hope, why is there a low-life scum stealing from the innocent for his own selfish reasons?”

The female angel looked at the end of the street and carefully examined the situation. She then chuckled at the old man, chuckled at how wrong he truly was. She then lifted him upwards and flew him to the end of the street. At first Scrooge wondered why no one saw them but remembered from his last experience, people can’t see or hear them.

When the female spirit gently lowered Scrooge to the ground but still hovered above them, they closely examined the situation that was going on.

“See? Where is your precious hope without the need for money now? Without money, people resort to crime to help support themselves, maybe their own families as well. In this world, there is no charity or helping others, it’s simply take whatever you need to survive from someone who has it or submit to a high structure and live off whatever that person deems fit.”

After Scrooge made his argument, the angelic spirit simply smiled and shook her head no. While smiling, she extended an arm outward at the scene and as if on cue, an old lady quietly exited the door behind the gang member. The tattooed man immediately stopped what he was doing and waited for the lady to get closer.

“Timmy…I’m sorry for making you do this. If I took this car in a week ago, it wouldn’t have broken down.”

“It’s okay, Mom…It’s no big deal. Give me 15 more minutes and it will run better and smoother than before.”

“I hear you’re quite the mechanic around here. I heard you fixed two heaters, a water pipe line, three furnaces, and five ovens in the past month. ”

“Yeah…it’s been crazy but this people have nowhere to turn to.”

“And here I am…being a burden on you when you have done so much all ready. If it wasn’t for me, we would be at the Christmas party by now…” the mother said before her son wrapped his arms around her

“No Mom…it’s not your fault….You have never been a burden to me. If it wasn’t for you, I would have ended up in jail or working at some old factory three states over. All my talent would have been wasted and I never would have made the friends I have today. If anything…you have been more like a blessing.”

The old lady slowly teared in joy she hugged her son. Scrooge was speechless as he witnessed such a heartwarming event. He then slowly swallowed the imaginary lump of guilt in his throat…feeling ashamed at the grim assessment he made on the son. The female angel turned toward the old man and extended her arm at the blessed event.

“Where is the money to help fuel this hope? Where is the higher structure one needs to submit to survive? As I mentioned before, things are not always as they seem. This gang member as you call him has voluntary supported many families within this area and asked for nothing in return. Without him, many families wouldn’t be enjoying themselves as much as they are today. Tell me…what would your so called higher structure do in this situation?”

“They…I…would summon a repair crew to tow the car and have it fixed the following day.” Scrooge said with much guilt. He knew his solution would only cause depression rather than joy.

“What of the mother?” the angel asked

“What about her?”

“In case you didn’t notice, she is actually very ill. Her son has been taking care of her for a long time, but has to help all those around him.”

“Well just find someone to take care of her while the son is busy”

“So where is the division of low-life people to wait on her hand and foot? Where is the vast amount of wealth to keep her healthy?” the angel asked

Scrooge attempted to respond but remained silent. He understood what the spirit truly meant and knew what she was referring to. Scrooge slowly began re-evaluating is decisions in the past…looking to see if he did do anything good and worthwhile and not for any selfish reasons. After a few minutes passed, the stress of looking back on his life was too much. He then turned to the spirit and fell to his knees and slowly began to tear.

“Spirit…I’ve had enough of this…Please…return me back to my room. I am not long for this world…perhaps my death will remove some grief in this world. Spirit…I beg you…Take me back to my room” Scrooge said as he hugged the spirit on his knees. The angel slowly smiled at Scrooge’s plea and placed her hand on his shoulder. Suddenly the angel emitted a light so bright, it engulfed both the angel and Scrooge. What felt like an eternity turned out to be only a few moments as Scrooge slowly opened his eyes and noticed he was hugging his bedpost.


This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda: This is part of the Angel Falls: Celebration

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy new Year to all!

Lines and Colors by :iconstone3d:

Angelina is owned by :iconlonestranger:

General Bardak is owned by me :iconatomskmaster6:
An Angel Falls Carol part 2 by atomskmaster6
An Angel Falls Carol part 2
Scrooge tried every means to go to sleep. He concluded who he saw was just some bad delusion from a bad last meal. He hoped if he was to die tomorrow, he would die in a quick and peaceful manner. Before he could ready himself for a final slumber, he was shocked to see a strange sight....a woman in a blue robe hovering near him.

"Who are you?" He asked the strange woman

"Just a reminder of the past." The woman's lips quirk into a smile, her eyes in shadow under her robe's hood as she floats at Scrooge's bedside.

"Whoever you are...GET OUT OR I'LL CALL THE POLICE." Scrooge said as he reached for his phone on his night stand near him."

"I would recommend against that..." As Scrooge attempted to retrieve his phone, a numbing cold fell over the room, and in mere seconds his goal became encased in a block of ice from nowhere.

Looking again at the robed woman, Scrooge spotted something disturbing, where her face was supposed to be was only a rippling plane of water, like the surface of a pond after a stone has been thrown in, featureless and blank otherwise.

The figure lowered a hand that had been pointing at the bedside table where Scrooge's phone-sickle now sat, the appendage slipping back into the long sleeves of the woman's robe also comprising the same shifting reflective plane.

"W-Wh-What is it that you want?...Money...I’ve got lots of that...NO? Well then..." Scrooge was about to continue before he was shocked at what he saw. The entire room was beginning to spin around him. As the room continued to spin, He could felt reality being bended around him...Was he being thrown into another dimension...Was he being sent to hell?...Was this time travel?

Scrooge asked himself these questions, but before he knew it, he noticed there was light outside. Scrooge quickly exited out of bed, while dodging the strange water woman and opened his window. To his shock, it was morning but he wasn't in his least not his home he won't be getting for another 60 years.

"Where am I?" Scrooge asked the mysterious woman.

"The where doesn't matter, the when has changed, and the why is visiting an old friend." The cloaked woman's voice is distorted, sounding more akin to the running of a creek than human speech, her words barely decipherable as Scrooge finds himself lifted into the air by nothing he can see, Scrooge cries out and struggles as he sedately floats out through the window, his kidnapper following serenely behind him.

Once he got used to floating in the air, he looked around his surroundings, hoping to use something against her. Although the more he looked around, the more he recognized his environment.

"Why this is my old house...and look...the old Rigthon playground with...who is that?" Scrooge asked as he surveyed the playground. Robin quietly descended the both of them to the ground. Upon landing, Scrooge noticed the children ignored the presence of a flying old man and a water mage.

"Those children must have mud in their ears and too much sun in there face."

"We are but observers here, unable to change what has already occurred." The woman in blue intones. "Think of us as phantasms, or they as such if it affords you comfort, but they still hold truth to them that you would do well to take in."

"Truth? What truth? What coul..." Scrooge said before he was interrupted

"Come on Ebenezer...lighten up..." the child said as he prepared to climb the rundown play-set. Scrooge was shocked at the child's comment. He thought they couldn't hear or see them, yet his name was just called for. Before he could talk, the other child responded with a concern voice.

" careful...last time you fell off and nearly broke your arm."

"That’s because you ran up here to try to help me, Ebenezer"

"Joseph?" Scrooge said as he immediately recognized the boy and his younger self. Soon memories from the past flooded his mind; memories he had abandoned so many years ago after many events occurred. Once Scrooge regained his mind, he looked towards the female spirit.

"That’s Joseph and me...70 years ago...yes...This playground was all that we had back in those days. I was so worried all the time; worried some disaster was just waiting to happen at any moment. What a foolish boy I was..."

Scrooge turned his attention to the two boys. Joseph climbed to the top of the ruined play-set and extended his arms outward. Little Scrooge looked at his friend with a sense of relive as well as envy. However the moment soon passed as the play-set began to give out. Joseph lost his balance and fell off the edge. Young Scrooge quickly extended his arms outward to attempt to catch him, but Joseph quickly grabbed one of the support bars and swing himself and landed safely on the ground.

"Joseph...Are you alright?"

"Never better, Ebie" Joseph said with much confidence in his voice

Old Scrooge smirked at this scene then responded, "Joseph was my only friend back in those days. I was so envious but concerned for him because he lived life with no regrets and no sense of facing the consequences. He was my best friend growing up...That was until he betrayed me by marring the woman I had my sights on and turned to me for help when he couldn't support his family.

"We are all fools in youth, a lucky few manage to grow out of it but most simply become a different kind. Who are any of us to say which is most foolish, especially while being blind to our own failings?" The woman raises a hand and the world around the visiting pair twists, fades and dissolves into a new tableau. "Mayhaps you need reminding."

"Fail?...The only thing I failed the past is that I should have realized that Joseph and this so called thing you call friendship is nothing more than a deceptive maneuver. You cannot survive in the world just on emotions and friendship. Once I realized that years later, I became very successful and Joseph became weak and poor."

"And what has your material success bought you? Living alone and friendless, bitterly striking out at the world around you, these are not the actions of a man content with his achievements." the rippling waters that cover (or comprise) the cloaked apparition's face harden into ice, a mirror-like sheen reflecting Scrooge's face back at him as the entity stares. "Tell me, just how well have you truly survived on money alone, without people to care for, surrounded by money that will outlive you?"

Scrooge looked deep into his reflection when facing the faceless spirit. For a short time, all he saw was a sad miserable man...the kind of man whom if he died tomorrow, no one in the entire world would care while some would celebrate his death. However, he soon returned to reality, believing the spirit's words were meant to trick him.

" using said "money that will outlive me" to hire a staff to take care of my every needs. Who needs family and friends when you could hire an entire division whose sole duty is to take care of you. As a matter of fact, I'm quite the caregiver...I give this miserable people jobs; ranging from cleaning my house and taking care of me to working at my factories and firms. With my generosity, I'm keeping most of this low class people off the street."

"Quite generous indeed, giving people money to wait on you hand and foot, though better than one alternative at least..." Scrooge could swear the strange entity was letting sarcasm into her inflection. "But let me ask you this; if not for your money, would any of these people tolerate your presence? A servant is not a friend, and swiftly departs and forgets when the money stops."

“Mayhaps you need more reminding!” The water-woman in blue nods silently and raises a hand, the world twisting, melting and dissolving around the pair, reforming anew as more familiar surrounds. Before Scrooge could respond, he turned his attention to his pre-teen self. Young Scrooge and Joseph were about to leave the park when Young Scrooge stopped Joseph.

"So you want to come over and see my baseball card collection. I’ve invited all my friends to come over."

"Sure...who is coming over?"

"I think their names are Mark, James..."

"You barely even know their names?"

"Kind of...they are always eager to come over and see my collection. There busy the rest of times so I rarely get to see them."

"Ebie, I think they care more about your collection than about you."

" friends always says I’ve done a great job collecting cards"

"Wouldn't good friends be hanging out with you regardless if you had a baseball collection or not?” Joseph asked as he placed his hands behind his head as they walk down the street.

Older Scrooge took note of the past advice. He forgot once he got rid of his baseball collection, those "friends" never returned to his house again.

“I sense your feelings of regret and despair. Let’s see when you became truly alone?” The water-woman in blue nods silently and raises a hand, the world twisting, melting and dissolving around the pair, reforming anew as more familiar surrounds.

"Where are we now?" Scrooge asked as he looked at his surroundings. His memories soon returned to him, informing him this place was St. Fleming's Hospital. He then turned to a nearby room where Scrooge was in his early 40's, lying on a bed. It was a few weeks after Joseph got married to Heather, a woman Scrooge had his sights on for a long time. A while after their marriage, Scrooge suddenly became ill and was sent to the hospital. The old Scrooge and the female spirit watched as the doctor entered the room with grim news.

"This is your turning point, the moment where you turned from simply being alone, to trying to hurt the world around you as much as you could, it was rather telling you reacted so." Scrooge doesn't need to hear the doctor's diagnosis, he has received it too many times before from countless others. Words like "incurable" and "terminal" drift in an out of the memory as he glares at the spirit that had brought him here to taunt him.

More memories of Scrooge's past began to fill his mind. As he reviewed his memories, he began to deeply regret a lot of decisions. However, his moments of grief soon passed as he returned to reality. Scrooge then turned towards the water spirit.

"Okay Spirit, You have made your point. I’ve had enough bad memories...please return me to my own the future.

The water-spirit in blue nods silently and raises a hand, the world twisting, melting and dissolving around the pair, reforming anew as more familiar surrounds. Soon the female spirit disappeared and Scrooge was slowly tossing and turning within his own bed sheets.

This occurs in :iconangel-fallsda: This is part of the Angel Falls: Celebration

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy new Year to all!!

Lines and Colors by :iconstone3d:

Robin is owned by :iconleviadragon99:

General Bardak is owned by me :iconatomskmaster6:


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